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Empowering, Nurturing, Sustaining

Artists in Momentum (AIM), is an organization committed to empowering, nurturing and sustaining the spirit of the individual. AIM believes in the therapeutic value of the arts, and uses it as the foundation to promote mental well being, one life at a time. Working on a project by project basis, at a corporate and community level, AIM encourages self-reflection, stimulates the imagination while building self-esteem through creative self expression.












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Artwork by: Ryan Monteith

How I Got Here

Mental Health issues in our community and in our society, has touched all of our lives in one form or another. While there are many who champion the cause, there is, and always will be a need for more services to support this area of growth. I believe that freedom of expression, in any form is extremely important and as such, plugging ones creative outlet can have tragic consequences – that is how Artists in Momentum was born. For me, the trials of mental health hit very close to home. I lost my brother, an incomplete artist, in his early twenties to the insidious effects of mental health. And I stood on the sidelines, helpless, as my mother's moods swung dangerously on an unstable mental see saw. Stigmas was and continues to be rampant, and while I couldn't do anything then, I'm doing something now.

I started this with the hope that art could be a vehicle to promote self-care in the workplace and in the community. It is not about uncovering a Matisse or a Vermeer, it is about uncovering oneself, to live life to its fullest and learning how to enjoy every single day of our limited time on earth. I strive to be the change I want to see in the world. Though it is not always easy, I yearn to make this place we call home a little less judgemental, and a little more inclusive. AIM was launched to provide artists a safe space to both express themselves in their purest form and ultimately showcase their unique spirit and individuality.

Read the story of Anna's brother, Jebby Jacob and discover the work of this late artist.


Anna SilgardoA graduate of Fine Arts, Anna experimnts with various mediums: oils, acrylics, murals, watercolours, sketches and cartoons. Passionate about helping others, she has consistently given back to the community while promoting well-being and balance in one's life. She has donated murals to libraries in Mississauga, and was commissioned to complete two 468 sq. feet murals at a local school. When she's not working her day job as an executive assistant, she's working to empower the individual through workshops in the community and at work.

Nominated for the 2018 Community Heritage Award and the 2016 Laurie Pallet Patron of the Arts Award, Silgardo was recipient of the 2015 Mississauga Arts Council "Open Choice" Award for promoting Mental Health Awareness in the Community.

Ryan Monteath


Ryan is mechanical engineer by day and artist by night. Self educated in the arts, Monteath was tutored by a team of virtual maestros; Pollock, Dali, Warhol, Picasso and Da Vinci. He has been a important contributor and champion of Artists in Momentum, sharing a common and deep commitment to giving artists a 'hand up'. He has had private exhibitions and was featured on Roger's Community TV's 'Artist of the week' in 2004. Ryan participated in Visual Arts Mississauga's 'Art in the Park', 2013 as well as showcased his newest pieces at Artists in Momentum's launch, May 2014.