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"For me there is nothing complicated about art. I talk, I joke, I cry, I sing, I laugh - I art."


















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Anna Silgardo


As a multi-disciplinary artist Anna's art acts as a vehicle of self-expression to articulate her deepest beliefs and also her sometimes 'off the wall' concepts.

"I spend as much as thirty minutes to vent an emotional piece, or hours lost in a time vacuum, oblivious of the world around me, detailing a finger or nail on a sculpture, or the creases of a smile in an oil painting. Art to me is an extension and expression of my daily life, and vital to my existence. The therapeutic value of expressing myself through painting, sculpting, writing, cartooning and singing is what drives me. I have tried to show the importance of releasing the spirit or inner light through my recent paintings and sculptures. For me there is nothing complicated about art.