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Universal Concept Mental Arithmetic System – UCMAS started its operations in North America in the year 2004 and has currently about 70 locations across the network. With over 30,000 students registered across these centers and approximately 600 Course Instructors trained, UCMAS is now a brand to reckon with.

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AIM worked with UCMAS to develop a new curriculum for ArtSense levels 1-3, including a core program with several short programs. The program targeted children from ages 5 to 14 years old, with a range of foundational to advanced learning modules.

The core program consists of a range of activities at different levels immersed in the foundational, intermediate and advanced modules. The program targets children from ages 5 to 14. The syllabus has a strong focus on the development of perception while manipulating visual arts to develop applicable and practical skills required in everyday life.  Learning perceptual skills using their senses, the program aims to unleash the power of creativity, through the eyes with the senses. Understanding and using both sides of the brain into a cohesive “I” in the process of creation. The program incorporate activities to remove the barrier “one needs to be born with talent to learn basic perceptual skills.”

​This program was developed in collaboration with Rachel Silgardo and April Baxter to develop concept, as well as with with Sky Studio to create and develop content for new curriculum.