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_______ 2021 _______

Hey Let's Chat India

Hey Let's Chat

A panel of healthcare professionals, mental health advocates, artists, and community partners, will discuss the countless attributes affecting our emotional, and mental health landscape. A lively exchange encompassing, but not limited to the stigma surrounding mental illness and the therapeutic value of engagement in the arts.

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_______ 2019 _______

The G.I.F.T Program

April 2019 - Community Showcase – Artists in Momentum

Community engaged arts gave women who participated in the program to showcase the tangible representations of overcoming their struggles. Growing the 'I' essentially enabled them to centre the eye of the heart to refocus on their dreams. Dreams that lay nestled in the compressed folds of life. These were brought to the surface of a canvas through the power of visualization. Read more>>>

_______ 2018 _______

"Art in Everyday Life"

Nov 2018 - Symposium – Noel Ryan Auditorium

The first of its kind in Mississauga, Artists in Momentum (AIM) brought together a diverse panel of professionals in medicine, the arts, education and community outreach. The panelists discussed and shared personal and professional insights on the value of art in everyday life. Moderted by Susan Ksiezopolski, Founder of WriteWell, and Anna Silgardo, AIM Founder. The discussion was kicked off with keynote speaker Shelley White, CEO of the Responsible Gambling Council and named one the Mississauga's Top 10 most influential leaders. Read more>>>

"Through Glass"

July – Dec 2018 – Exhibition, Artists in Momentum – An Art Series

Artists in Momentum's art series "Through Glass" – Splintering Intransigent Perceptions ran from July to Dec 2018 in Toronto and Mississauga. It was a coming together of the artists community, giving them a platform to exhibit their work, while simultaneously creating awareness on the importance of art as a vehicle of self-expression and mental well-being. The objective was transparency. Breaking 'Through Glass', to raise awareness through individual stories, while breaking the stigma surrounding mental illness. Read more>>>

_______ 2015 _______

May 2015 – Exhibition, Artists in Momentum – CMAC Dojo, Mississauga

"Bun-bu-ichi" "The Brush and the Sword are one" a show all about the manifestation of the human core: liberation and awakening of the spirit through creative expression. Whether through the "Visual " or "Martial" arts, the exhibition was a powerful expression of belief that the human spirit is the creative power behind all forms of art. The event captured the powerful movement of the spirit, through 'Bun-bu-ichi' – The Brush and Sword are One. Read more>>>

_______ 2014 _______

Sept 2014- Exhibition, Artists in Momentum - Central Library, Mississuaga

Following the successful launch of Artists in Momentum in May 2014. AIM's visual art exhibition at the Central Library was marked with notable difference. In addition to the pieces of emerging and seasoned talent, the works posthumously showcased Jebby Jacob, the "incomplete artist". The message of arts for mental well-being was the theme of the exhibition. Read more>>>

May 2014 – Exhibition, Artists in Momentum Launch - Visual Arts Mississauga

Inaugural exhibition featuring emerging and seasoned artists. Curated by AIM founder and visual artist Anna Silgardo, the showcase was launched David Moss, National Director, Culture Days Canada. The exhibition sent a strong message on the creation of art as a great source of encouragement to fledgling artists while supporting and nurturing the established artists. Read more>>>

_______ 2004 _______

"Pieces Of The Mind"

Oct 2004 – Exhibition - Central Library, Mississauga

Ryan Monteath and Anna Silgardo held their first exhibition in the quiet spaces provided by the management of the Mississauga Central Library. Entitled "Pieces of the Mind" the exhibition focussed on works of emerging artist Ryan Monteath, and seasoned artist Anna Silgardo. "The most impressive thing is that, she is living the American dream" said honourable Navdeep Bains, MP who inaugurated the event which was emceed by Dr. Colin Saldanha. Read more>>>