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Universal Concept Mental Arithmetic System – UCMAS  started its operations in North America in the year 2004 and has currently about 70 locations across the network. With over 30,000 students registered across these centers and approximately 600 Course Instructors trained, UCMAS is now a brand to reckon with.





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An unbelievably unique program, built to stir and excite the imagination of any earthbound child. The program stirs creative and survival skills and prepares children for an adventure into a vast and unknown galaxy. In addition to creating their own travel documents, spells and a magic flugle flygle; they will learn the value of flydills and dents, the currency of the flygyndragons, booglemonks and comidomis. Their expedition will take them to planet Mars. A one stop shop, they will pick up magical marzibars, marangatans and marbeans, exclusive and essential items that will help them survive on Flygynhofstar.  They will skillfully create a maze, write riddles, develop a terrain and build their own dragon puppet.This out of the world voyage promises to motivate and stimulate, while giving them a keen insight into who they are and what matters most to them. 

Developed in collaboration with UCMAS and Sky Studio.