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AIM successfully opened art galleries at Bell Campuses: Bell Media, Agincourt and Queen Street, and Bell TV in Scarsdale






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AIM promotes art and creative expression in everyday life, especially in the workplace. To this end AIM runs workshops in a corporate environment, encouraging staff members to take time to de-stress by picking up the paintbrush.

Staff were encouraged to submit paintings and works of art to grace the blank wall space at CTV’s Agincourt premises. It was a great opportunity to not only showcase great art, but allow the talented people working at Bell Media whose creativity extends beyond their regular jobs to express themselves.

This project has now extended to Bell Media’s Queen Street premises. “An art gallery at work manifests a two-fold benefit.  For the people circulating at work, it makes their environment better and acts as a restorative to the mind, as well it gives staff an opening to showcase their amazing artistic talent.” said Christian Roy, VP Network, Bell Media & Bell TV.​